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A Notice from Management to All

Howdy howdy howdy all! I'm writing this post to let you know that we are currently working ardently to build the label up and to be a "Community Label" to the local Boston area and surrounding towns to bring Boston Hip Hop out and show the other cities the heat we pack in our bars and our boxes. We're planning community workshops on writing, performance, production, and hopefully more with our Artists currently on the Label, and to the many local Artists we're going to be reaching out to again in a bit because we plan to work with all of the Artists who come to us from the community to help them develop their craft, and then once they've reached their greatness that everyone can possess, we will invite them to sign to our label where we plan to pay a higher percentage to the Artist than ANY traditional Record Label (even current Indie Labels) offer. When I say this is a community label, we fully intend that, offering not only those workshops, but cheap small quantity amounts of merch and apparel like shirts, hoodies, stickers and more to rep your brand as an Independent Artist who isn't mainstream enough to need to purchase the minimum quantity order of many media and printing companies require at a cost that makes items re-sellable. All Artists in the area who eventually sign up to our Community Artist Support Program when that's up and running, you can order your custom made CD's, USB drives, Apparel, Stickers, and other unique custom merch options to offer your fans at your next gigs and get our wholesale price with no quantity limits, and we also plan to offer low cost same-day and one-day shipping to the Boston area (limited by a certain distance in miles) as a way to get those quickly and affordably to Artists because we know the grind and hustle mentality that you need to be successful in any career, music being no exception. We're dedicated to making this the biggest up and coming Record Label and plan to make waves with our Fair Artist Pay System that ensures Artists are able to ultimately retain most of the royalties per song, and eventually can purchase their masters from us back at a small and reasonable price (there to help fund our efforts after we no longer collect an Artists' Royalties, and any we do collect on behalf of the Artist get sent directly to them in full after that arrangement is made).

We're very Pro-Artist in our approach to running the label, and each Executive signed on to run the label has already agreed to work for no pay as an Executive, using our sister companies to pay each of us a reasonable salary to get by, and also by being paid through the label solely as Artists. This way, we all have to put in our musical work to get paid through the label and do the hustle and grind that's required to dedicate your career to music. Plans are still in the earlier stages of planning, but we do plan to hold livestreamed performances from our current Roster for donations and crowdsourcing sites to build a Record Label that is truly for the Community.

We started from the bottom, now it's time we get here.

The Anti-Hoarders

P.S. I'm going to include the first official track not yet set to be released even within the next year but coming straight from Cardboardi B's in-the-works hush hush Collectors Remake (The RIP Odd Hal Collector's Set) of all the tracks released as singles and the first two albums that deserve to be remade proper. It's a HUGE difference and for being a subscriber enjoy this free treat. Hope you enjoy and we look forward for more music to come.


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