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~Upload Your Beats~

Do you have your own tracks you're looking to sell? Submit yours for review and we'll upload it to our site and you'll get a cut when they sell!

*Submissions must be original content of which you have the rights to in their entirety. The Anti-Hoarder Record Label LLC takes no responsibility for any legal consequences associated with any user-submitted music uploaded to our site.

**In order to receive payment, you must submit an email address associated with a PayPal account. No information submitted will be distributed in any format to any third-parties without proper legal documentation. 

***By submitting your music, you agree to receive 90% of the sale ($45 on a $50 beat) minus any PayPal fees.  for any sales made. You will receive a notification to the email provided when one of your beats sells. If you have any further inquiries or wish to discuss doing further business with us, feel free to contact us at:

We look forward to hearing from you!

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