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Our Policies

Yo. Here's our shtick:

Opinions and statements of artists under The Anti-Hoarder Record Label LLC ("The Company") do not express the views and beliefs of the company. We don't tell them how to perform, they don't tell us how to run a record label, capiche?

All music presented by artists is original unless otherwise stated and credited so, and is protected under United States copyright law. Any illegal distribution or unauthorized reproduction is punishable by the long bong of the law.

We also DON'T believe in the discrimination of any person based on race, ethnicity, gender, sex, and how many arms you have. Personally I think it's ballin' if you have thirty three arms. Think of how many points you're gonna get dunkin' on everyone in a game of basketball or how difficult it would be to avoid touching the futbol with your hands! Incredible! Point is, everyone has their differences, everyone has their distinctions, and that's what makes us all unique human beings and not a simple "cookie cutter pattern." We will not discriminate in who we sell music to or let listen to our music. So don't even try us. Unless you're a douchebag. We do discriminate against douchebags.

Well, that about wraps that up. I sound like a goshdern philosopher in that last paragraph. I should write a book. Hmm....

~Shawn McNamara, owner of The Anti-Hoarder Record Label LLC, est. March 2019

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