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An Announcement from the Owner

Hello all! I wanted to write a post in regards to the current pandemic and our operations during it. We at the label have a strong heart, one that beats alongside the many brave people fighting the devastating Covid-19 and for the families of those affected by the pandemic. Here at the company, we are working diligently to provide a source of entertainment and remain positive during what can only be described as remarkably tragic times across the globe.

I started this company from the ground up with my own collection of funds I had saved my entire life and the most appreciated help from my very supportive family back in March of 2019, originally named "Anti-Hoarding Shipping LLC" and doing business as "The Anti-Hoarder," working as an online reselling and shipping company. Business was so great, that the company flopped throughout the entirety of the year. After a much needed re-branding, we became the record label that we are today. It has not been a profitable journey monetarily, but the experience has altered my perception of the world in many ways. I've seen many people come together and keep pushing, despite the best efforts of external forces against them.

Currently millions of people are hurting everywhere, from unemployment to illness it runs the gamut. We want to help:

This week we plan to release a new single by Cardboardi B, to be streaming on popular platforms as well as available for purchase on our own website. ALL PROCEEDS GENERATED THROUGH BOTH THE STREAMING REVENUE AND PURCHASE OF THE SINGLE WILL BE DONATED IN FULL (minus the small fees that are deducted automatically by other businesses that host the release before the money reaches us) TO THE CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL AND PREVENTION'S (CDC) EMERGENCY RESPONSE FUND. These funds are used by the CDC to aid non-profit organizations in hard-hit areas battling disease, supplying much needed medical equipment and relief to those combatting the coronavirus as well as other illnesses. They provide essentials to many medical professionals to help fight the curve and are highly rated for their work over the years.

We also encourage those who can to donate to the CDC directly here.

Thank you for your support, and we know that together we can get through this. As the great Nelson Mandela once said, "When people are determined, they can overcome anything."

Stay strong, friends.

Shawn McNamara, proud owner of The Anti-Hoarder Record Label LLC

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