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What the Jesus Tapdancing Christ have y'all been doing?

A great question. Here at The Anti-Hoarder Record Label, we're currently working on an exciting line up of great projects for 2024! Here's some of what we have in the works:

  • A livestreamed concert by your favorite Anti-Hoarder Artists

  • More Music

  • New and Exciting Merch

  • Music Videos for some of your favorite Anti-Hoarder tracks

  • And much more!

With so much to look forward to right around the corner, 2024 is going to be the year of The Anti-Hoarder. For all the most recent releases and updates, subscribe to our emails by filling in the box on the home page of our website. We'll be emailing whenever new releases come out, a new line of merch is dropped, and when we plan to do our livestreamed shows. Here's to hoping 2024 can be even better than you imagined!

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