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Terms and Conditions

First Package will be mailed out after receiving the first payment. Package will come with an addition patch for first package only. Subscriptions may be cancelled at any time by  emailing and confirming that you would like to end your subscription. Money for a subscription will not be refunded immediately if the package for that month has already been shipped. Refunds are available and any questions regarding the return process can be sent to Packages are estimated to be worth approximately $30 in total value per month. Taxes apply to residents of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and will be applied to each payment. All music included is entirely the author's content, and any views expressed in song do not reflect the views of the company.

Submissions Terms and Conditions

Artists whose submissions are accepted will receive a check for $5 mailed to their home address. The Anti-Hoarder Record Label reserves the right to distribute submitted materials and to decide whether an Artist or Artists will be asked to join the record label. Decisions made will not be subject to discrimination based on race, sexual orientation, sexual identity, religion, or any conditions unrelated to the quality and content of the submitted file. User submitting the file must be the content owner of any submitted work or licensed to provide the files. Any questions regarding submitting work can be emailed to

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