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Terms and Conditions

By accepting the terms and conditions of use, you hereby grant the right to The Anti-Hoarder Record Label LLC and its associates to use this submitted file and information for use in a commercially-released track, to be made available to the public via Streaming Services, physical copies, and all other formats that should be pertinent. The "Producer" (The Signing Party) agrees to be credited as submitted (The Producer is responsible for knowing whether their stage name is being used professionally already). The track may be modified or adapted depending. We want to hear from you when we finish, so before we make it go public we check in with you to see what you think and ask if there are any reasonable requests we can accommodate before release. If a response is not heard within one month of the email containing the final product being sent, the song may be released commercially as is with all the aforementioned credit.  The Producer also acknowledges that they are the owner of the file uploaded and that they legally have the right to submit it for use. Please be advised that if you don't hear back about your submission, it is has not progressed to the next stage of song development. The Anti-Hoarder Record Label LLC reserves the right to deny use of any submitted material. For more information or to ask any questions, please contact Shawn McNamara at

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