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Terms and Conditions
House Party Performance

By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the person or persons involved in hosting the event ("The Customer") and The Anti-Hoarder Record Label ("The Label"), that is not defined as a business but a collective of individual Artists seeking to perform their art, are entering a binding legal agreement. The Customer must agree to all terms outlined in this Article and is responsible for ensuring that they meet all required items.

Section I - Property Rights

By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the Customer agrees that they are either the owner of the property or are leasing/renting the property and have the owner of the properties permission to use the premises for the performance. The Label is not responsible for any resulting legal issues due to any laws or regulations in a federal or state jurisdiction that are broken due to the performance being held at the address provided in the Party Location section of the Submission Form. The Customer is responsible for any permits required by law to hosting the event should that should be required. The customer is also responsible for providing an appropriate environment with at least 2 sets of 2 outlets available for use as well as any lighting. The Anti-Hoarder is not responsible for any property damage or bills or fines resulting from any broken items or injuries sustained throughout the duration of the party (defined as being the time The Artists arrive at the site to the moment they leave). The only exceptions of this term would be if The Artists or Artist is directly involved and has demonstrated the intent to cause the damage or harm.

Section II - Customer Sales

The Label is not responsible or related to any sales or profit generated from the revenue of Food and Beverage sold on the property, and is not responsible for obtaining any permits required by law to be able to do so. If alcohol is involved, The Label is also not responsible for any permits or any regulations needing to be met as required by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and by the Federal Government of the United States of America. The Label also does not take responsibility for ensuring that ID's are checked for any alcohol sales or use, and does not advocate the selling of Alcohol to Minors.

Section III - Artist Insurance

In the event that an Artist is injured due to improper stage set-up, fan interaction, or any bodily harm that occurs due to safety conditions of the venue not being met by The Customer, the Artist is entitled to insurance payments allowed charged to responsible parties as designated by the Laws of The Commonwealth of Massachusetts. If someone who is not involved with The Label is injured, The Label does not take responsibility for the actions of anyone but their Artists.

Section IV - Payment

By booking this performance, The Customer agrees to pay all fees associated with the performance as outlined in this subsection. Fees that need to be paid prior to the event:

- A One Time Set-Up Fee of $15 USD that is non-refundable. For more on Eligibility for Refunds, please see the Section of the same title

- The price of the Performance determined by their selection

The Fees Required to be paid within 45 minutes of the end of the performance:

- Ticket Percentage (75%)

Any additional charges that our mentioned throughout the Terms can be invoiced at a later date.

Section V - Eligibility for Refunds

The Customer is not eligible for a refund on the Set Up Fee or the Payment due to The Label for ticket sales. Partial Refund of the Performance Cost may be refunded determined by the reason for a refund requiest. The Label maintains the right to decline a refund for any performance in which Artists were treated poorly, and did not get to perform the required minimum show length of 40 minutes. Refunds can be granted in part or full if The Label's obligations to the Customer is The Artists are responsible. Refunds will not be granted due to any interruption by Police due to the party's illegality.

Section VI - Noise Violations

The Label reserves the right to adjust the volume of the performance in compliance to any residential or police complaints to meet the requirements dictating the decibel level of sounds allowed by hour of day. See the full Section in the Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for more details related to that. If The Label puts in a request to end a performance due to noise complaints, they have the right to do so. If it before the 40 Minute mark, the Customer will be refunded a partial or total amount of the Performance price. The Customer has the right to refuse a request from The Label, but any override of an official Request (Form HPR1) will result in any legal charges or fees resulting from such will be billed to The Customer. This includes covering any fines directed at The Label or its Artists. The Customer also waives their right to a Refund if the time requirement was not met and show was ended in lieu of issues after a Cancellation Request.

Section VII - Merchandise Sales

By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, the Customer allows The Artists to set up a folding table to sell Merchandise at after the show for up to 45 minutes, as determined by The Artists and The Label. If this portion of the event is unable to occur for any reason, The Label is entitled to a Recovery Fee of $75 to make up for lost profit for The Artists. This can be billed at a later date.

Section VIII - Refusal to Comply to the Terms and Conditions

If The Customer should refuse to abide by the Terms and Conditions in full, The Label reserves the right to seek out payment after the performance date if an open invoice is not fully paid. If said invoice or invoices are not closed out in 30 Days, a Late Fee of $25 will be added on. If the invoice is not paid as of 60 Days, a Late Fee of $150 will be added onto the invoice. If by 90 Days, Payment has not been made, The Label may then pursue payment through legal action or debt collection agencies.

And so by accepting these Terms and Conditions, I, The Customer, agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions in full and that I am legally allowed to host this performance.

Updated 04/03/2022

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